FILDWGS (Filipino Designers  Work Group in Shanghai)

FILDWGS is a group of esteemed Filipino Designers in Shanghai, under the fields of architecture, planning, urban design, landscape design, interior design, graphics and technical services. We are creative authority in the built environment. We are people of exceptional talent and notably influential in China’s fast-growing construction development. There is a notion that there is almost, always, one Filipino designer in every design company. This is a testament of what unique capabilities that Filipino designers offer to China’s design community.

While aiming for excellence through a culture of knowledge exchange and workshops, we provide a platform for collaboration, cooperation and support in dealing with work-life related issues especially being a Filipino designer working abroad. We promote learning through fun activities that strengthen camaraderie together with families and friends. We strive to be a good fellow to our peers, to be there as their immediate support in times of crisis, and a good friend to talk to.

The group has been around in the city for almost 10 years, with over a hundred members in and out Shanghai. We serve as the creative arm, and an affiliate think tank for the whole Filipino community. To give back. To assist, while utilizing our abilities and visionary nature in shaping a healthy and prosperous society of our fellow Filipinos in Shanghai.

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