Direct ALL consulate-related issues to the

Philippine Consulate in Shanghai

24/7 EMERGENCY HOTLINE +86 13917477112

For non-emergencies, call the office numbers during office hours 

Tel. No.: (+86-21) 6281-8020

Fax No.: (+86-21) 6281-8023

Email: |

Address: Suite 301 Metrobank Plaza, 1160 Yan’An Road (corner Panyu Road), Changning District, Shanghai 200052, People’s Republic of China

Office hours: 8:30am to 5:30pm Mondays to Fridays

Department of Trade and Industry, SH Representative Office


SH Office:

SH Trade email:

SH Tel +86 21 62367297 / +86 21 62367577

Fax: +86.21.62367576

Department of Tourism, SH Representative Office


CN Website:

SH Contact details:

SH Tel: (+8621) 6281 8580

Flights to the Philippines


1. There's a strict dresscode. No shorts, sandals, slippers, tube tops allowed.  

2. Bring all photocopies. The photocopier at the 2nd floor is closing.

3. They follow the holidays schedule of BOTH China & the Philippines.

4. Notarizations for China documents must first go through China notary public then China Foreign affairs. (ie. Work contract, China birth certificate)

5. Notarizations for Philippine documents must first go through Philippine DFA. (ie NBI Clearance, Diploma)

6.  Expedite service is available at a premium fee.

7. Only CASH is accepted.