Tsupitalk 2: Stock Trading Strategy and Agribusiness Start up

Tsupitalk 2 august 11, 2018

The Tsupiterong OFW 2nd financial literacy talk took place on August 11, 2018 at My Place Ruin Bar, 3F 1788 Xinzha Road near Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai.

Tsupitalk 2 had 2 speakers. Ar. Louie Trinidad delved deeper on his second talk on stock trading (Stock Trading Strategy: Application of Technical Analysis). Dax Chee, founder of Daxienda Enterprises, shared his uber-style farming start up (Business start up: Agri-business).

In cooperation with My Place Ruins Bar and Merienda.

This is spearheaded by Tsupiterong OFW Atbp. If you wish to join future talks, email herbie_by616@yahoo.com

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