China has non-working holidays and working holidays. They have a penchant for "exchanging" Saturdays and Sundays with weekdays to give people a longer straight holiday. Meaning you may get 5 straight days off for a 3 day non working holiday, but technically you need to work on an assigned Saturday and Sunday. Some offices forego the required weekend work. But it is important to know which weekends are working days, because this is what's followed by banks, schools, hospitals & clinics, government bodies, among others. 

Ayis also follow the prescribed non-working holidays. If they take the 5 straight days holiday (for a 3 day non-working holiday), they must pay back by working for 2 extra days. To simplify, you can just follow the non-working holidays, without the weekend exchanges. In general, a 5 day holiday is just 3 days non-working holiday. A 3 day holiday is just 1 day non working holiday.

China holidays.

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