How to apply for Spousal Visa in CN

July 5, 2019


For those applying for spousal (Q1) visa in China, you need to prepare the following requirements prior to submission to the Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau (出入境管理局)


1.Passports for you and your working spouse

2. Foreigner’s Work Permit of the working spouse

3. Original temporary residence registration for you and your spouse

4. Original marriage certificate with stamps by both Chinese Consulate and foreign institution where the marriage was held, certifying the validity of the marriage – IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE ABOUT THIS REQUIREMENT:

  • These certifications have to be done in the country where you got married, they cannot be done in China.

  • There are 2 certifications/ stamps needed on the marriage certificate :

       a. From the relevant foreign institution of the country where you got married (e.g. DFA in PH, Office of Authentication/depends by state if in US, MFA if in SG, notary public in UK, etc—it differs by country)

       b. From the China consulate/ embassy/ VAC in that country.




If you have been working in China before, and need to transition from work (Z) visa to spousal (Q1) visa, you need to prepare this additional requirement:

  1. Original separation letter issued by your employer


In general, for direct application to the PSB Entry exit bureau, China visa fees for most nationalities will only cost 160 RMB.  As with most things in China, always check for latest updates



As of April 1, 2019, two foreigners are not allowed to register their marriage at Civil Affairs offices in China (marriages between a foreigner and Chinese national are still permitted.) This means that two foreigners can no longer obtain a Chinese marriage certificate.



Requirements may change anytime. Do your own due diligence in fact checking.


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