Renewing CN Work Permit & Work Visa

February 18, 2019

You can renew your work permit only 3 months prior to its expiry. I suggest you do it the soonest, or at the latest 1 to 1.5 months before your visa expires. It may take 3 weeks to a month to process both Work Permit and Work Visa in Shanghai, China.


This step-by-step process may be helpful for employees in a small company with no HR, who may need to apply by themselves. Take note this is only for current employees in the same company. If you moved companies, you need to reapply your work permit from scratch.



This is just a guide, based on what we've gathered from human resources, info may change at any time. We suggest you double check with your HR or China visa office.





Log in your company account at the . It is all in Chinese. Feedback takes around 5 working days, so apply early in case there are revisions. Prep other documents while waiting.




1. Completed CV form.

Revise to include revised work history, the latest company and title, new passport, new dependents, new address, and other new data. Print out, add Company Chop, upload scanned colored copy online. Keep the original print.


2. Upload colored scans of the following.

In pdf, png or jpg file formats only. Everything must be colored, no photocopies allowed. Keep all original prints, you will need to submit them in Part B.

  • Passport (remember to sign the passport or it's not valid).

  • Current Visa.

  • Current Work Permit card.

  • Labor Contract in Chinese or Bilingual. It must include basic details such as Job Title, Salary, office address, work start date (Read this to avoid paying tear-jerking fines), and Company Chop.  (You may be asked for a more detailed contract, such as one that includes an enumerated job description. Just add an addendum page, sign, chop.)

  • Employee Application Form. This certifies hat he/she is still an employee in the company, add chop. Take note to put the employment start date NOT EARLIER than the visa start date, to avoid potential steep fines.

  • Passport changed?  Upload a Company-issued Certificate of the Same Person (in Chinese) with both old and new passports, plus both China visas. Add a company chop. You may need to submit the Consulate-notarized Certificate of Same Person (pages 1 and 2 English and Chinese only), which you've already gotten when you transferred visas.

  • New dependents added? You need to revise it online too and may need an additional employer's document.

  • If they respond asking you to submit a 600K to 120K promisory note, take note this is for Class A applicants only. If you are not in that category, no need to provide it. Simply upload your passport photo page again.

3. Tap "Submit".

If there are revisions, print the latest application form and add a copy chop. Re-upload online. Check after a few days (usually 5 days) for their online response.



B. PHYSICALLY SUBMIT DOCS AT THE FOREIGN BUREAU. Lead time: At least 5 to 10 working days

This may be done by a proxy, but double check with your HR or agent. Once you get your online work permit approval, go to your assigned Foreign Bureau.


The one in Minhang is at

上海市长宁区人才服务中心(上海市长宁区外国专家局) 长宁区金钟路999号A栋 

Shanghai Changning District Human Resource Service Center (Shanghai Changning District Foreign Expert Bureau) No.999 Jinzhong Road A, Changning District, Shanghai

Line 2 Songhong Road Station, Exit 5, turn to Jinzhong Road, office is across the Zaha Hadid's SOHO building (Ctrip) that looks like trains

Office Hours: Mon to Thu 8:30-11:30H  13:30-16:30H; Fri up to 15:00H


1. Submit all the original documents you've uploaded. Such as:

  • Passport + photocopy of passport, signature, and valid visa pages.

  • Application form CV, original with company chop

  • Work Permit card + photocopy of card

  • Labor Contract and addendum pages, original and copy

  • Employee Certification, original

  • Passport changed? Bring the original and copy of both the Employer Certification of Same Person, and Consulate-notarized Certificate of Same Person.


2. Claim form.

Once they accept your documents, they will give you a claim form. Ask how many days for approval so you won't get stressed checking online daily. Processing usually takes 5 to 10 working days.






Bring your original

  • Passport

  • Work Permit

  • Claim form



Congrats! You've renewed your Work Permit. Now you can renew your work visa.




Employer & Employee



Once you've gotten the Work Permit card, proceed to work visa application.  For visa renewals, you can go to the nearest Entry Exit Bureau branch office, there's one in your district.  There's no lunch breaks in all visa offices. Requirements:


1)     Queue for Picture taking.

If you are applying for dependents who are minors or seniors over 70 years old, they don't need personal appearance. Bring their ID pictures instead, 35" x 45mm size white background. After taking your photo, get your passport and a stub.


2) Go to the Visa Application Form Self-Service Kiosk.

Look for the kiosk for foreigners, it's got English. Scan your passport and the barcode on the stub.

Clueless? There's usually someone nearby to assist, or go to the customer service and information desk. The kiosk will print out your Visa Application form (partially filled out).


3) Ask where to queue for a number.

Fill out the application form while waiting. For dependents, write your company details under "Company/school address".


4) Check which counter to go.

In the main bureau, LED screens post which counters serve which numbers. In branch bureaus, ask which counters to wait, usually it's just one or two that handle foreigners. Bring a book, but it doesn't really take that long.



  • Passport, original + photocopy of photo page, signature page, and current visa

  • Work Permit, original + print out of the CONTENT of the Work Permit

Scan the QRcode on the card to view contents. Save it to pdf, then print. If the visa office doesn't have a printer, ask where's the nearest one.

  • Temporary Residence Registration form, original + copy

If you don't have a copy, they'll get the original. You can get this from your neighborhood police free of charge. Bring for all your dependents too, if you're applying together.

  • Company application form 申请书

Must be a China-based company applying for the employee. It states the employee's name, passport number, job title. With company chop. If you need to put your start date in any document, make sure it is NOT earlier than your first work visa issued for the current company. To avoid potential steep fines. Technically, you cannot work in China without valid work permit and work visa, but