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We are a collective of Filipino business people, expats, professionals, and entrepreneurs in Shanghai. We are influencers in the fields of marketing & advertising, finance, human resources, food & beverage, health, tech, among others.


Our purpose is to strengthen the Filipino community of business people & expatriates. To help bridge business opportunities in China & the Philippines. To share knowledge and expertise on business, professional growth, financial literacy, and entrepreurship;  particularly on micro, small and medium enterprises.


We aim to achieve these through online and offline projects. Our digital hub and social hub PhilCham Wechat  are valuable resources for business and work that benefits our expanded Filipino communities. Our events & workshops focus on inspiring upskilling on business, career, and entrepreneurship.


Contact Us

Do you wish to contribute? Or you've got updated info, suggestions, violent reactions, or something to report?

Email: is a resource website for business & career relevant topics. PhilCham Wechat is the social hub for China users.

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