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China Work Permit Requirements: Employee

When you are moving to a new employer in China, here are the list of requirements needed to apply for a work permit. This is a precursor to getting a valid work visa. This is effective on April 1, 2017. Give yourself around a month or more to prepare, especially if you've got no authenticated diploma. The good news is, you can do these remotely from abroad. This is just a guide, based on what we've gathered from human resources, info may change at any time. We suggest you double check with your HR or China visa office. Employee 1) Passport (+ photocopy of the photo page and the current visa page) 2) ID photo, 2 inch size in white background 3) Resume (Work History, Education history, Dependent list) 4) Legalized Diploma, authenticated by the PH embassy or consulate You need to get a Certified True Copy of your diploma from your university, then get it authenticated by CHED (usually your school can do this for you, and you can request to expedite this to around 12 days). Then get it authenticated by DFA, there's also a 24-hour expedite option. Then send it to China, and go to the PH consulate to get it authenticated. No need for personal appearance. You can ask a representative to do these for you. But you must do a Special Power of Attorney letter (SPA), notarized by your PH consulate. Schools may have online services, such as UST. 5) Legalized Non-criminal Certification Two ways. Apply yourself. A. Set a schedule online at Check the site if you are eligible for an ONLINE RENEWAL in the site, and they just courier to your specified address. More online application tips here and here.

B. After getting your NBI clearance in the Philippines, go to DFA to have it authenticated. Then go to the PH Consulate in Sh to get it authenticated again. Get a Rep. A. Go to the PH consulate to get the NBI form (free) and your fingerprints taken (with service fee). Go straight to B if you are eligible for Online Renewal. B. Also get an SPA notarized by the consulate, list everything your Rep you allow to do for you in the Philippines. Such as DFA for diploma and NBI, CHED, Banking, and other tasks. PUT A DEADLINE DATE for your safety. SPA has a separate fee from NBI service fee, but template form is free. C. Courier these 2 forms to the Philippines. Your rep then goes to NBI then DFA, then Fedex your documents back to Shanghai. (Note: Make sure you have the address in Chinese characters to lessen the chances of it getting lost. Print it out if your Chinese is not good, you won't want to miss a stroke or dot in the characters.) Once you receive the docs, go to the PH consulate in SH and get it authenticated. 6) Reference letter Moving to a new employer within China? You can use the resignation certification (issued by your current employer) instead. Your passport name & number, employment period, job tittle and key JD should be indicated, and with the company chop. New hire in China? Ask your HR what reference letter would be acceptable. 7) Temporary Residence Registration form Issued by the police station in Shanghai, where you stay. Ask your HR or compound guard or local ayi where is the nearest police station. Bring your passport. If you've got an old Temporary Residence print out, bring this to make the process faster. Dependent 1) Passport (+ photocopy of the photo page and the current visa page) 2) ID photo, 2 inch size in white background 3) Legalized Family Registry Document Such as birth certificate, marriage certificate…or any other legalized document which could prove your family members’ relationship. Double check if you need anything authenticated in the PH Consulate in Sh. If you do, this means you need it authenticated in DFA back in the Philippines. 4) Temporary Residence Registration form Got more info? Reach out to us so we can add it here. #work #visa #permits #government

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