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Have you done your Temporary Resident Registration at the Police lately?


Must read for all people coming to China, including those who host guests in their homes. According to the laws and regulations in China, you are required to do the registration of your temporary residence at the local police station or the hotel within 24 hours upon arrival. Even foreign visitors with a 144-hour free visa must abide, even if they stay in China for just ONE day. Those who fail to register will face a fine less than RMB 2000; or encounter a problem when exiting China or extend their visa. (The fine depends on the officer, sometimes you get lucky and just get a warning.) Only those living in a hotel don't need to physically go to the police station, because the hotel registers for you. Those living in Air B&Bs,, or guests in people's homes must register themselves. Those with resident visas don't need to re-register everytime you come back, but double check because rules change all the time. If you have just extended your visa or renewed your passport, go to the local police station with your passport and a copy of lease contract (or property ownership certificate) to revise your registration. (Alternatively, the easiest is bringing your passport and your previous Temporary Residence Certificate.) If you moved to a new address recently, register in your new district's police station. Dependents who are minors or over 70 years old do not need personal appearance. Just bring the passports of the dependents and the sponsor, as well as everyone's current Temporary Residence Certificate. Guests in your home. They can register without you, but they may need your passport and your Temporary Residence Certificate. If you don't know any police station, call 12345 Foreigners Assitance Call Center, or try Dapuqiao Police Station of Huangpu Public Security Bureau 315 Xietu Road 斜土路315号 0086 21 23035353 Go to Government Services Directory Do your due diligence to check facts. Rules change all the time. If you find something obsolete or wrong, or have better info, write us at #travel #living #government #visa

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