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Prevent Penalties by Adding this Clause in Your Work Contract

Recently, several expats moving to a new job were fined for a technicality in their work contract.

Remember that you need to have your Work Permit and Work Visa released before you can start any paid job in China. If you'll start working prior, you and your company may get fined a whopping CNY15,000.00. (CNY10,000 fine for the company + CNY5,000 fine for the individual).

This is a chicken-or-egg sort of situation, because you need to submit your labor contract when applying for a Work Permit and Work Visa.

A simple solution is adding a clause in the labor contract that states it will only take effect when both the work permit and work visa have been issued.

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(UPDATE: When your company needs to issue any Employee certificate that needs your start date, it would be prudent to put the date on your work visa, or later. To avoid the possible fine again.)

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