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Steps to transfer Visa to new passport

Yes, you need to to transfer your Visa from your old passport to your new one. (Apologies, there was a miscomm the last time when we checked with a visa officer and entry exit visa hotline.) You need to transfer it within 7 working days upon getting your new passport back from the consulate. (Some say 10 calendar days, but the visa officer attending to me said 7 working days so let's err on the side of caution.) Failure to transfer your visa on time means overstaying, which has big fines and detention. How to transfer your visa? These are the steps. Take note that rules change all the time, so do your due diligence. What you need: 1. Old and new passports, original and photocopy of picture page and valid visa 2. Certificate of Same Person, original and photocopy 3. Receipt from Consulate stating the release of your passport or Certificate of Same Person 4. Temporary Residence Certificate, original and photocopy 5. Employer's Business license, original and photocopy 6. Employer letter certifying you're an employee Passport FAQs, tap here How you get these: Pit Stop 1: Philippine Consulate: Apply for Certificate of Same Person (Update: Double check with your HR if this is still needed, the rules keep changing) Bring several photocopies of your passport, you need these for both passport renewal and the Certificate of Same Person. Otherwise you need to photocopy outside the building. You may a. Apply together when you renew your passport (the date on the certificate will be the same date the passport arrives. Convenient, but you need to do your transfer ASAP.) b. Apply this after you get your passport. The date will be the date you applied. This is handy if you are travelling and cannot pick up your passport the moment it is ready. Less convenient because you need to come back for it. Normal process takes 3 working days, Expedite is overnight. c. Get the receipts with Release Date stamped. This is generally the date the Visa officer follows to count if you're within the valid period. Important notice: You can put more than one name in a certificate. Example, your name and your child. Saves a few hundred bucks. All passports renewal need personal appearance, even babies. Pitstop 2: Police Station: Renew your Temporary Residence Certificate. Bring your old and new passports to your nearest Police station. Ideally bring your old Temporary Residence Certificate to hasten process. Double check that all data are correct and complete before you leave. Personal appearance is necessary, except for kids and seniors 70 years old or older. Pitshot 3: Office If you are an employee and your HR is good, skip to the next step. If you are the Employer or must do your own Visa Transfer: a. Office must write a letter certifying that you are still an employee of XX company, and the reason you're transferring visas. (ie passport was renewed). Include your complete passport name in All Caps, and your new passport number. If you have dependents who need to transfer visas, include their names and new passport numbers too. This letter can be in Chinese or English. The letter must have a company chop. b. Employer's business license, original + photocopy Pitstop 4: Entry Exit Bureau For visa transfer, you can go to a visa branch office near you. No need to go to the main Pudong one. Office hours is 8:30 to 5pm, no noon break though less staff. They speak in English if necessary. a. Queue for the digital photo. Get a receipt. b. Show the receipt to the staff for assistance. He or she will scan this + your passport and print out a form with most data already filled out. c. Ask where to get the number for the Visa transfer queue. d. Hand the listed documents. Once everything is approved, you have the option have your passports (old and new) couriered to your home. Or your can pick it up. It takes around a week. Payment is done when courier delivers your package. Note: If your child is applying for a visa transfer, the officer will ask the representative (ie you) to write a letter stating your proof of relationship to the child, the child's new passport number, and the reason for the transfer (ie passport renewal). Handwritten is fine. You may want to read this previous article on Visa Transfers. Do you wish to contribute to or Philcham SH? Contact us #permits #work #travel #government #visa

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