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Tsupitalk 3: Digital Online Business, Healthcare, Global Sourcing

The Tsupiterong OFW 3rd financial literacy talk will take place on Sept 15, 2018 at My Place Ruin Bar, 3F 1788 Xinzha Road near Jiaozhou Road, Shanghai. The topics: 1. Passive Income: Digital Online Business Speaker: Violeta Depalog, Financial Literacy Advocate 2. Healthcare in Shanghai Speaker: Dr. Michael Ong MD (Doc Mike), Doctor of Family Medicine 3. Business: Global Sourcing Speaker: Joe Santiago, Entrepreneur This is spearheaded by Tsupiterong OFW Atbp. If you wish to join future talks, email ----- Previous talks

Tsupitalk 1 had 3 speakers. Berphine Tan, Financial Advisor at Sun Life Philippines explained the basics on life insurance (Importance of Life Insurance). Louie Trinidad, stock trader and President of FILDWGS explained Stocks 101 (Basic Stock Investing). Carol Ong, founder of Bebebalm, natural skin rescue for sensitive skin, shared her business start up learnings (LEAP: Ready for Business).

July 14, 2018. In cooperation with My Place Ruins Bar, UAP SH and FILDWGS.

Tsupitalk 2 had 2 speakers. Louie Trinidad delved deeper on his second talk on stock trading (Stock Trading Strategy: Application of Technical Analysis). Dax Chee, founder of Daxienda Enterprises, shared his uber-style farming start up (Business start up: Agri-business).

August 11, 2018. In cooperation with My Place Ruins Bar and Merienda.

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