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TSUPITALK: PH Stock Market Trading 101

Tsupitalk is a series of financial literacy sharing spearheaded by Tsupiterong OFW Atbp. Ar. Louie Trinidad, Stock Trader and president of FILDWGS, shares his expertise on stock trading. UNSTOCKING THE STOCK MARKET July 2018. Tsupitalk 1. The series kickstarted with one of the founders and mentors of the Tsupitero, Arch.Louie Trinidad, sharing his insights on the basics on the Philippine Stock Market pw: q5b3 DEVELOPING YOUR SYSTEM & STRATEGY IN INVESTING Aug 11, 2018. Tsupitalk 2. Louie delves deeper into personal strategies in trading pw: wme9 *The presentation is for private viewing only. If you're interested in joining future Tsupitalks, contact Herbie of Tsupiterong OFW Atbp. #finance #event #TsupiterongOFWAtbp #UAPSH #FILDWGS #MyPlaceRuinBar

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