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2 Years Residence Permit (Work Visa)

The info is from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued 2017 June, valid as of 2019. Info may change anytime without notice. Business hours and Location: Shanghai Municipality Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Bureau Mon-Sat 9:00 - 17:00 excluding public holidays. Only Documents collection on Saturdays Free Trade Zone Branch Exit-Entry Detachment, Exit-Entry Administrative office of each district: See <Opening hours and address of Exit-Entry Administrative Ofice of each district> Enquiry Hotline: 28951900 Supervision and complaints: 68547109 Time limit Within 7 working days if application documents are complete Fee standard For details, refer to the Visa Fee Standar of Reciprocal countries and Non-Reciprocal countries, the State evelopment and Planning Commission an the Ministry of Finance (J.J.G (2003) No. 392) ------------------------- TWO (2) YEARS RESIDENCE PERMIT (WORK VISA) (A015) A simpler explanation may be read at although additional requirements for 2 year visa are here. For any unclear sections, refer to the Chinese version or call Enquiry Hotline 28951900 Qualifications: Foreigners can apply for residence permit for two years under any of the ff circumstances: 1. Foreigners holding Shanghai Residence B valid for 2 years; 2. Individual investors investing more than USD2 million in total in enterprises; 3. Department managers in enterprises as "operation center"; 4. Ordinary employees in enterprises with registered capital of over USD 3 million; 5. Legal representatives, general managers and deputy general managers of enterprises or institutions in Shanghai; 6. Chief representatives of representative agencies of foreign enterprise in Shanghai; 7. HIgh-level managers and high-tech talents emloyed by large State-owned enterprises in Shanghai; 8. Main administrators employed by Chinese-foreign cooperative institures set up in national key higher learning institutions in Shanghai; foreigners with professional title of associate professr, associate research fellow or above who hold office in relevant units in Shanghai; 9. Foreigners who have worked and resided in Shanghai for 5 successive years. Requirements: 1. Valid Passport and visa, original 2. Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors (issued by Police or hotel), Original and copy 3. Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit Application Form, and 1 recent 2x2 in ID photo 4. Health Certificate issued within 6 months by the Domestic Authority Administration of the Entry Exit Inspection and Quarantine (exempted: applicants under 18 years old OR above 70 years old) 5. Submitting the official application letter of the unit/ office 6. Submitting the official letter of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce or Shanghai municipal Foreign Affairs Office (those who apply according to Qualification 9 can be exempted); 7. Submitting applicants' personal application 8. Business license and other registration certificates of the invitation unit, Original + Copy (if the business license does not contain the unified social credit code then the organization code is also required); Certificate of Approval for establishment of enterprises with foreign investment or foreign investment enterprise establishment registration receipt (excluding domestic enterprises), Enterprises filed could be exempted from the above documents 9. Foreigner's work Permit, Original (except those holding Shanghai REsidence Card B-L type); 10. Submitting one of the following certificates onforming to applicats identity and origin of application: (1) Shanghai Residence Card valid for 2 years , original + copy (2) For employees of enterprises as "operation center", submitting original and copy of Certificate of Authentication issued by Management Committee of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone; (3) All foreign academics or research leaders employed by national or municipal (ministerial) key research institutions and key higher learning institutions in Shanghia and who have been notified to ur administration by Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Committee and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission should provide original and copy of relevant certificates (4) For those who have worked for up to 5 years, submitting original and copy of residence permit (up to 5 successive years) Note: 1. For first time application, applicants must have personal appearance. For reapplication, a relative or company representative may apply on your behalf by providing the relevant proofing certificates. Or applicants can visit for online application. Those who extend residence permit within 3 months after its duration, can be exempted from submitting item 4,6; 2. If Entry-Exit administrative organization under Public Security Organ, as it considers necessary, requires to interview the applicant or to demand the applicant to submit other supplementary materials (such as fingerprints, relevant guarantee certificate, etc), howerver the applicant fails to undergo the interview or submit the materials at/during the appointed time /period. the application will be deemed as cancelled, unless force majeure; 3. Decisions made by the Exit-Entry Administration on rejecting applications for visa extension or reissuance, or on not issuing foreigners/ stay or residence permits or not extending the duration of residence shall be final. ------------------------- For any unclear sections, refer to the Chinese version or call Enquiry Hotline 28951900 #permits #work #visa #government

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